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About Us

Welcome to Art of Athletics!

As the founder of Art of Athletics Activewear, I am thrilled to introduce you to our company and I sincerely thank you for being here.

The Art of Athletics' mission of helping you enhance your health through comfortable, stylish activewear and accessories while you exercise and eat healthy, has great personal meaning to me. Growing up, exercise and healthy eating was never a topic of conversation but life lessons and being responsible was preached daily. The older I got, the more I realized that engaging in healthy activities is a significant piece of a balanced life and in addition, a comfortable apparel is key to enjoying any fitness activity.

My goal for Art of Athletics is not only to help enhance your fitness goals but to encourage you to live your best life each day, fulfill your dreams and be the best you, with no regrets. 



It has not been an easy journey getting to this point, but every courageous idea evolves from a tiny seed, that idea blossoms with encouragement and nourishment from friends and family. Launching Art of Athletics was a leap of faith, with generations of brave, capable women supporting my dream, I wasn't about to let them down! 

As a woman from Ghana, I draw my strength from my maternal grandmother, Buernorkie Adi, who I fondly call Yayo (mother). In the early 1950s, a year after bearing her eighth child, Yayo's husband left her, and before walking out, he said, "You are a strong, brave, hard-working woman, you will someday become successful enough to buy your own land and build a house." His actions were weak, but his words proved to be strong and true. Yayo struggled, but eventually became a wonderful mother, successful bread baker, and wholesaler.

Another resilient role model in my life is my mother, Atsupey. One of eight siblings and a twin, Atsupey raised children of her own at the young age. Despite only having  a high school diploma and an unreliable support system, she has operated a successful construction company, managed many entrepreneurial pursuits, and traveled across the globe. She has even run for office as a Member of Parliament in Ghana to help make a positive difference for her hometown.

My lineage is a reminder of how much a women's willpower can make a difference.  These remarkable women always lit a fire of tenacity in me, and to follow in their successful footsteps, I have to be my own strong, brave, and relentlessly hard-working woman.



I was inspired to choose the Ghanaian Sankofa symbol as the foundation for the Art of Athletics logo. In words, the symbol translates: "to take from the past what is good and bring it into the present to make positive progress." The logo stands for women who celebrate the strong females that came before them. With these shining examples to empower us, we can succeed in whatever paths we desire or choose.



Best of Health & Happiness!




Global Mamas

Your Purchases Paying it Forward

5% of proceeds from the purchase of Art of Athletics products benefit Global Mamas, a non-profit organization that helps women achieve economic independence through sustainable employment.

Learn about our partnership with Global Mamas »

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